Green Living: Finding Eco-Friendly Camping Gear


Camping is a wonderful activity that many people enjoy participating in. It’s an opportunity to really enjoy nature and partake in many natural and green activities. From fishing to hiking to bird watching, camping is one of the greenest things there is to do. In order for camping to be totally green and environmentally friendly, though, there are some things that you need to be aware of. A great deal of camping gear isn’t as environmentally safe as it should be, and, in fact, almost all conventional camping gear contains many unsafe materials.

Ditch The RV

Using a tent to sleep in instead of a camper or RV is a great way to be green. Instead of using gas to supply power to your camper, which negatively affects the environment, it’s better to sleep in a tent since it requires no power. According to, a site dedicated to advocating for safer streets, healthier habits and safer air for children, vehicles emit harmful air pollutants such as dust, soot, smoke, dirt, organic chemicals, metals, and more. So the less you run your vehicle, the more you’ll be helping the planet. When you purchase your tent, you’ll want to be sure to choose one that has been made with “green” material. offers a wonderful eco-friendly tent for $350, and every product used during manufacturing is environmentally safe. It is constructed of 100% recycled polyester, mesh and webbing. Even the zippers are recycled. This “green” waterproof tent also offers great ventilation and is easy to assemble.

Comfortable “Green” Sleeping offers a variety of different eco-friendly sleeping bags, and there’s sure to be one to meet your needs. Made from earth-safe materials like recycled polyester and 850+ fill down goose, these sleeping bags are guaranteed to be safe for the planet and comfortable as well. has a variety of “green” sleeping bags, and our local sporting good store may also sell some as well.

A Nice, Warm Solar Shower

Just because you’re going to be “roughing it” in the wilderness doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have a nice, hot shower. By purchasing a solar powered shower, you can have a warm and relaxing shower while enjoying the outdoors. The energy from the sun will warm the 5-gallon container, which comes complete with a showerhead for your convenience. is the perfect site to purchase such a product, and with shipping, you’ll pay less than $20. You also have the option of visiting your local sporting goods stores, which should sell similar products.

Hiking Boots

If you’re going to be hiking, which you most likely will be since you’ll be camping, you will need a good pair of comfortable hiking shoes. For $120 or less, you can purchase an attractive pair of eco-friendly hiking shoes from These shoes are made with 100% recycled materials, eco-friendly leather tanning, and the manufacturer strictly adheres to ISO – 14001 environmental safety standards. If you aren’t too fond of the shoes on this website, there are other sites, or you can seek stores in your local area.

Eco-friendly Water Bottle

Not only do conventional water bottles affect the planet negatively, but they can also cause health problems for you and your family as well. According to Robert Bazell, A Chief News scientist for MSNBC, many types of plastic containers contain bisphenol , BPA, which is a chemical that can mimic the female hormone estrogen and can cause infertility, obesity and even cancer in high doses. Eco-friendly water bottles aren’t very expensive, and on, they come in 12 different colors. For $12.99, you can purchase this ergonomically designed, spill-proof water bottle that is BPA-free.

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